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Collaboration Solutions

Communication is key. Interaction with fellow colleagues, friends and family is driven through ever evolving communication and collaboration technologies. Today, businesses are able to make decisions faster and be more agile through collaboration. Without a doubt robust network and availability of information when needed and where needed is key.

Gestalt Gild helps customers build robust network infrastructures both wired and wireless so that collaboration tools are available 24x7x365. With the help of IP-Telephony, we have helped our customers cut costs of communication while providing necessary access points. Nothing replaces effectiveness of face to face communication, and hence we help our customers get their workmates together through Video to have more intimate communication thus building better work relationship.

The solutions we deploy offers necessary collaboration tools so that it is easy for peers to share information such as spread sheets and presentations anywhere, on any device.

Besides communication with peers, businesses need to connect with their customers. We take pride in deploying the largest number of contact centre infrastructures in East Africa. Our state of art contact centre solution offers integration with various business applications as well as social media platforms. This has helped our customers maintain better customer loyalty and react to customer sentiments faster. Contact centre has become face of an organisation and our solutions help executives manage performance of customer facing service executives.

We have eco systems of partners who help us achieve necessary integration to offer end to end collaboration and customer service solutions.